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Bio-Rhythms calculates the high, low and critical periods of your emotional, intellectual and physical cycles with an optional master cycle to give you an indepth look at what's in store for you. Enter your name and birthday into the birthday database, click on Bio-Charts and you're on your way to an exciting world of self-discovery through bio-rhythms. Easily see when you're at your peak or when you need to take extra care. Check when the best time would be for that dentist's appointment or your son or daughter's wedding. Don't worry about going too far into the future: Bio-Rhythms can display 97 years worth of cycles on your screen at one time, and you can page through them conveniently week by week. Find out on what day of the week you were born, how many days it's been since you were born. Then click on the astrological sign to gain even more information about yourself. When you're through discovering your own potential, use the program to see if that someone special you met by the water cooler, is all they appear to be. Bio-charts can be displayed as bar, line or point charts and come with approx. 200 user-defined options, from line color, shading, title fonts to your favorite graphic being used as bio-chart wallpaper. Once you've finished your masterpiece, easily export it to the clipboard or a file to add finishing touches in your favorite graphics program. Bio- Rhythms also supports color printers with an extensive print preview and printing system. For those who want to take bio-rhythms to a deeper level, Bio-Rhythms also comes with an extensive notes system, where you can add your own interpretations for each name in your database.

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